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Dr. Carm

Weight Watchers: Whatʼs Happening

It has been a couple of weeks since I last wrote. I was down 15 pounds as of last week and will get weighed tomorrow. I feel like I am now in a routine as far as food and exercise goes.

This past week my friend Wendy Bowman “forced” me (just kidding) to go to a new gym in our area called Orange Theory. It is a cardio-strength circuit workout with treadmills, rowing machines and weight equipment. It was a great workout and we burned about 500 calories. I like to spin and go for walks so I have a few different options in my exercise toolbox that I can call upon depending on my mood and if I am traveling or not.

Traveling is still a barrier to good healthy choices. Journaling helps and remembering to drink as much water as possible when flying is so important.

Desserts are my heroin. As I sit here typing, I’m watching the Pioneer Woman make caramel-stuffed brownies…really? Is there any way to “skinny” them down? I doubt it. I guess I’ll make them and have a small, small piece.

How is your journey going?