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My former co-host of Pennsylvania’s “Million Pound Meltdown”, Dr. Carmella Sebastion has launched a new health and wellness website. Please feel free to check it out if you are concerned about your health or some one you care about!. Carm & I criss-crossed 13 Pennsylvania counties during the early days of the Blue Cross campaign we did there in 2005 and 2006 .She is a dedicated, knowledgable and funny, funny lady! – Gary Marino, author of Big & Tall Chronicles: Misadventures of a Lifelong Food Addict!

The Florida Diversity Council Women’s Leadership Symposium was a well-attended event at the A La Carte Pavilion in Tampa and featured a panel of successful business women from many walks in life, including Dr. Carmella Sebastian. Dr. Carm was engaging and used humor to deliver a very practical message to attendees about techniques to balance work and life. Most memorable were her recollections as a medical school intern of a physician who made a sexist remark to her, whom a short time later received life-giving care from her in the ICU. Ranging from hilarious to sobering, Dr. Carm outlined some strategies to help us all address the demands we put on ourselves on a daily basis, and how that leads to unhealthy levels of stress. Most of all, she stressed it is OK to ask for help from loved ones, but one must learn how to ask first!
– Nick Kouris, symposium attendee

I attended your talk yesterday…and wanted to tell you that considering it was information that a lot of us women don’t necessarily want to hear, it was very informative…and very funny. Instead of just raw facts thrown at us, you made it personal…enlightening and entertaining.

Wonderful, funny, entertaining, engaging, succinct! I only wish all of the women from our office had been there. Everyone needs to hear your message.

I attended your Women’s Health seminar yesterday. I just wanted to say thanks!  It was informative, but you were also very funny at the same time and that makes the class a lot more fun.

I wanted to say thank you for sharing some great insights into health that most of us know, but needed to hear. I have made my one healthy change this morning!

[Your] presentation was fabulous. I was so inspired by you to be healthy, I went home and made sautéed spinach and squash, then met my friend at the beach to run 5 miles!

I wanted to thank you for such an enjoyable seminar yesterday.  You are quite funny and very entertaining!  I appreciate the information that you provided and hopefully we will all strive for a healthier lifestyle.

Everyone was buzzing about what a great presentation [you made]! You have definitely inspired me to become more conscious of what I can do to promote better health in my family and me.

Your ‘secret sauce’ is your clinical knowledge, your everyman approach, your wisdom and your charm. It is also your ability to distill complicated clinical information into understandable language.