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Sex and Spaghetti Sauce: My Italian Mother’s Recipe for Getting Healthy and Getting Busy in Your 50s and Beyond

To this day, I swear that most of what I learned about health and wellness has come from my Italian mother, even more so than what I learned in medical school and residency. And it’s funny that her philosophy about healthy living is now backed up by medical science and research. That philosophy was grounded in simple, practical choices – eat your greens, everything in moderation, dance and clean the house for exercise, and laughter is the best medicine. She really knew what she was talking about!

Sex and Spaghetti Sauce, pays homage to my mother, and my father, and all the health wisdom they bestowed upon me. I also share hilarious stories from my childhood, so you can get a sense of what it was like growing up in an Italian household as an only child. And yes, as the title suggests, my mother also shared her advice on the benefits of a healthy sex life, no matter your age. (That last advice was unsolicited, for sure.)

Beyond the anecdotes, Sex and Spaghetti Sauce, is a practical guide that I believe will help you achieve your own wellness potential and each chapter offers a recipe for incorporating these healthy components into daily life seamlessly. You’ll learn about:

  • Healthy eating and nutrition strategies
  • Portion control and tips for when eating out
  • How to make habit changes stick
  • Exercise is the key (that includes cleaning the house!)
  • The power of sleep
  • Nurture good relationships
  • Be your own health advocate
  • The importance of sex
  • Surviving mental fatigue