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Dr. Carm


Does this sound like you? You make a resolution in January to exercise more, stress less or eat healthier but by the time February rolls around you’ve already forgotten about it?

Make your resolutions stick with Dr. CARM, my easy steps that will help you make small changes that last this New Year.

  • Dr. is for DESTINATION. Don’t have a generic resolution like lose weight. Give yourself a specific goal that is attainable and attached a targeted date to it.
  • C is for CALENDAR. You have to schedule your workout time just like any other event or meeting. Look at your calendar for the week and see which days you have available to workout. Some days it might be in the morning, others it might be in the evening.  
  • A is for ANTICIPATE. Plan and prepare your healthy habits the night before. Set out your workout clothes and sneakers so you see them as soon as you get out of bed. Pack your healthy lunch the night before and prep your breakfast. I like to spend Sundays preparing healthy snacks and foods that are easy and fast to make during the entire week.
  • R is for RECORD.  Write down what you eat every day. Studies have shown that people who keep food journals are more successful at losing weight and keeping it off.
  • M is for MATE. You’re much more likely to keep up healthy habits if you someone holding you accountable. So grab a friend, partner or even your pet and head out for a walk.

Start slow by making small changes each week. Once that change becomes a habit, incorporate another healthy change.